We did this proposal project from ground up, it's a stunner of a project we are going to add more capabilities and their is no question that this developer is our number one choice, they were very patients, did all our changes which included performance and layout and it did require some due to the scope of this project, I would definitely recommend them.

Yitzchok Klein, VocaTech, United States

Sritechnocrat were appointed because they showed when they quoted to be the most realistic in terms of understanding the scope; and the time frame, of all Freelancers who applied. I'm sure the project was harder than Sritechnocrat envisaged in the beginning; and given this, they rose to the challenge and delivered to a high standard. Things were changed and added during the project and it wasn't a problem for them. Their Communication and service levels are very good - Even while India were hosting and winning the cricket World Cup! I definitely recommend Sritechnocrat and will use them again. Well Done!

Peter Law, Link Funding - POMI, Australia

This is the first time that I have used for a detailed project and I am extremely impressed with the service, the followup and the delivery of the project. Excellent work from a professional team that fully understood what was required

Graham Chee, LocalKnowledge, Australia

Amazing person/programmer. We changed our project scope halfway through our project and without any fuss or headship, he quickly reviewed the new project scope, offered new price and got working on it right away. Their programming skills are amazing! They took a complex idea i had mixed up in my head and brought it to life with little interaction with me. He just asked the right questions. Highly recommended. Great programmer. Less than 24 hour response time on communication.

Raffi Sepanian, DisinfectMyPC, United States

10 Stars for Sritechnocrat and the work that they have done for me! They took my notes and ideas and created the website that I was dreaming of having! They are extremely organized, professional and creative. They documented all of my questions and responded to all of them until I was completely satisfied. I would 100% recommend using Sritechnocrat!!!

Community ADV, communityadv, United States