Festivals bestow brands with a great opportunity to create memorable experiences for their customers. These may be traditional cultural celebrations that have been given a modern twist by the brands through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing in Festival Season

India and festivals go in harmony very well. Our nation's culture and religious celebrations are intertwined. The festive season is always a special time for companies. Festivals offer marketers a special chance to interact with both existing and potential clients. Thus, digital marketing during the festive season gives brands a glimmer of optimism. An effective marketing plan during festivals targeted to specific demographics enhances the brand's image, creates an emotional connection with the consumer, and boosts sales.

Digital marketing is redefining growth for brands across a variety of industries globally as the world adapts to the new way of doing things! The festive season is always a great time for digital marketers to leave a lasting impression on their customers. A digital marketer must concentrate on utilizing this medium to the fullest extent while developing a digital strategy for their brand because the potential for digital marketing is limitless. Now let's dive into a sea of digital promotion ideas that brands can rely on during the festive season, as the festive season is just around the corner.

Create Festive Content

The most obvious and important technique of them all is to create festive content of all kinds, including blog posts, advertisements, and social media contests. To stand out from the crowd everywhere, make sure they are all perfectly in sync so that each form points toward the other.  For instance, if you develop a digital campaign about festive deals, promote it using a similar strategy on social media. Make a series of blog posts or social media status updates that highlight the festive season and the potential for your brand to increase users' joy.

Email Marketing

96% of visitors to websites exit without buying anything. Remarketing ad campaigns and email marketing can assist in this scenario. Reaching your target audience is always simple and effective with email and SMS. Send a follow-up email to the shopper if they provide information but choose not to complete the purchase. A remarketing ad campaign targets visitors to your website who left without taking any further action.

Implement Video Marketing

Video marketing is essential! Here are the facts that prove it: 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos each week. Video is the content format with the best return on investment, according to 51% of marketing professionals worldwide. It generates 12x more shares than text and images put together, and the list goes on! Your entire festive digital campaign can be launched with a one-minute video. Videos can help your business spread a message in a way that gets users to pay attention. To leave a lasting impression, produce effective videos!

Tap the Right Audience and Customers’ Emotion

The festive season is always the best time to find consumers at their best. The atmosphere is teeming with anticipation, making it the perfect time to intrigue their emotions. An emotional appeal must come first in your digital strategy. Make sure your messaging resonates with users and incites them to endorse your brand. Share motivational posts on social media. Show them how your brand is a family by highlighting employee celebration videos. Reminiscent messages work best for stirring up powerful emotions.

Start Your Digital Campaigns Early

It never hurts to have your plans prepared in advance! Long before the celebrations begin, your target market should be thinking about your brand and products. Early in the season, in September or October, start working on a seasonal marketing campaign. While many shoppers prefer to shop last minute, some shop early. With this tactic, you can appeal to both audiences. Send out holiday advertisements and special offers beforehand to entice early buyers. The campaign will perform better the earlier you launch it.

Working Together With Influencers

Today's prominent social media influencers control the undivided attention of a large number of followers. They are well-known on a number of social media platforms. Devoted followers regard them as role models, subject matter experts, and reliable information sources. Influencer marketing is an excellent way to capitalize on the confidence that their target audience has in them, to raise brand awareness.

Dole Out Festive Discounts

A small discount can go a long way! Customers are currently looking for festive gifts online. Highlight festive deals and discounts all season long to grab their attention faster. Most shoppers concentrate on buying presents for friends and family. This may encourage customers to learn more about your brand in addition to purchasing your product. The festive season is more about giving, so get those rewards ready!

Revamp Your Website

Think about updating your website to make it more festive-friendly for the season. To stop visitors from scrolling, you can also add pop-ups about the festive offer in an eye-catching color scheme. For this, a unique landing page can be made, and the link can be included in social media posts, automated broadcast messages, and emails.

Festivals bestow brands with a great opportunity to create memorable experiences for their customers. These may be traditional cultural celebrations that have been given a modern twist by the brands through digital marketing. Over the years, festive marketing strategies have changed, and brands now prioritize preserving consumer sentiments. Are you looking forward to assisting to develop a digital marketing strategy for this festive season? If yes, then you're at the right location! Sri Technocrat supports the creation of digital solutions for increased sales effectiveness and brand building.

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